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Decline in Range Rover Thefts: A Victory for Enhanced Security

In a significant development for car security, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) UK has reported a noteworthy decrease in the theft rates of its Range Rover vehicles, following a strategic investment exceeding £10 million in cutting-edge security measures. This investment comes as a response to the Range Rover’s notorious reputation as the UK’s “most stolen” vehicle. For those considering to “sell my car” or exploring options with services like “we buy any car,” this news could be a game-changer in ensuring their vehicle remains secure and retains its value.

Since the implementation of JLR’s most advanced electrical architecture in models produced from 2022 onwards, the incidence of theft has significantly dropped. The company highlights that only 0.07% of the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models have been stolen since January 2022, and only 0.3% of the new Defenders have been reported stolen since 2020. These statistics underline the effectiveness of the enhanced security features in deterring theft.

JLR has extended these updated security features to older models as well, ensuring vehicles outside the warranty period can also benefit from the same level of protection as the current models. Over 65,000 vehicles in the UK have already received these updates, resulting in a more than 40% reduction in thefts of Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models built between 2018 and 2022.

Patrick McGillycuddy, managing director of JLR UK, emphasized the company’s commitment to combating vehicle theft and enhancing the ownership experience for their clients. This initiative not only addresses the immediate issue of theft but also reassures potential sellers and companies claiming “we buy any car” about the security and desirability of Range Rover vehicles in the resale market.

One of the key updates includes enhancements to the Body Control Module (BCM), which now prevents unauthorized driving of the vehicle without the correct key. This update specifically targets and nullifies the effectiveness of hacking the keyless entry system, which had previously allowed thieves to start and steal vehicles without detection.

Moreover, JLR introduced ultra-wide band (UWB) protection in 2018 to combat the ‘relay attack’ method, where thieves intercept signals between the car and its key to unlock and start the vehicle. This technology, along with recommendations for the use of the Jaguar and Land Rover “Remote” apps, provides clients with additional security features, including vehicle lock reminders and “Guardian Mode,” which alerts owners to any unauthorized interactions with their vehicle.

These advancements in vehicle security not only contribute to a reduction in theft rates but also play a crucial role in maintaining the value and appeal of Range Rover vehicles for those looking to “sell my car.” JLR’s proactive approach and collaboration with automotive risk and intelligence company Thatcham Research further demonstrate the company’s dedication to leading the industry in security best practices.

As vehicle theft continues to be a challenge across the UK, JLR’s investment in security technology marks a significant step forward in protecting its vehicles and offering peace of mind to owners and potential sellers alike.