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Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly becoming a viable option for many drivers, and in 2024, affordability is less of an obstacle. Brands like Citroen, Fiat, and MG are introducing electric models that combine desirability with more accessible pricing, making the switch to electric more tempting than ever.

Top Affordable Electric Vehicles for 2024

  1. Citroen Ami: Starting at used prices from £6000, the Ami challenges the concept of traditional cars as a quadricycle, offering a unique solution for urban mobility with a 47-mile range.
  2. Renault Zoe: Known for its longevity in the market, the Zoe continues to impress with models starting from £6500 used, offering up to a 245-mile range.
  3. Nissan Leaf: A pioneer in the EV space, the Leaf remains a solid choice with used prices from £7500 and a range of up to 239 miles for the Leaf+ model.
  4. Smart EQ Fortwo: This compact city car is perfect for urban environments, with a range of up to 81 miles and used prices starting at £8500.
  5. MG ZS EV: A family-friendly option with a spacious interior and a range of up to 273 miles, with used models starting from £12,500.
  6. Mazda MX-30: Mazda’s unique approach to EVs is embodied in the MX-30, offering a 124-mile range with prices from £13,500 used.
  7. Vauxhall Corsa Electric: With a fresh facelift and a range of up to 256 miles, the Corsa Electric starts from £12,500 used.
  8. MINI Electric: The iconic MINI goes electric with a range of 143 miles and used prices from £14,000.
  9. Fiat 500 Electric: A modern take on the classic Fiat 500, offering a 200-mile range with prices starting at £14,000 used.
  10. Hyundai Kona Electric: The new Kona Electric promises up to 319 miles of range, with used prices from £14,500.
  11. Citroen e-C4: An affordable family option with a range of up to 260 miles, starting at £15,000 used.
  12. MG5 EV: This estate car offers space and a range of up to 250 miles, with prices from £15,500 used.
  13. MG4 EV: Competing directly with the Volkswagen ID.3, the MG4 starts at £17,000 used, offering a range of up to 323 miles.
  14. Ora Funky Cat: A quirky entry with a range of up to 260 miles, starting at £22,000 used.

Making EVs More Accessible

While high-end electric cars may still carry a premium, the gap is narrowing, and once lower running costs are considered, owning an EV becomes even more appealing. The latest affordable models prove that electric mobility is not just for the affluent, with vehicles available that suit a variety of needs, from urban commuting to family travel.

As electric cars continue to evolve, expect to see even more options that offer both value and performance. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest entry into electric driving or a budget-friendly family car, the electric vehicle market in 2024 has something for everyone.