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How the 2024 Manifesto’s effect automotive

Conservative Party Manifesto for Drivers (2024)

The Conservative Party’s 2024 manifesto outlines several key promises aimed at drivers:

  1. Fuel Duty Freeze: The party promises to maintain the freeze on fuel duty, offering continued financial relief for drivers.
  2. Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentives: Incentives for EV purchases will be extended to encourage more people to switch to greener vehicles.
  3. Road Infrastructure Investment: A significant investment in road infrastructure, including repairs and expansions, is planned to improve driving conditions and reduce congestion.
  4. Smart Motorways Review: The safety and efficiency of smart motorways will be reviewed, with potential modifications based on findings.
  5. Car Ownership Costs: The party aims to address the overall costs of car ownership, including insurance, maintenance, and purchase prices.
  6. Public Transport Alternatives: Enhancements to public transport options are promised, providing viable alternatives to car travel.
  7. ULEZ and Clean Air Zones: The expansion of Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) and clean air zones will be scrutinized, balancing environmental goals with the impact on drivers.
  8. Parking and Local Road Issues: Efforts will be made to tackle parking issues and improve local road conditions.
  9. Driver Safety Measures: Increased focus on driver safety through improved regulations and road safety campaigns.
  10. Future Mobility Innovations: Support for future mobility technologies, including autonomous vehicles and advanced traffic management systems.

Liberal Democrats Manifesto for Drivers (2024)

The Liberal Democrats’ 2024 manifesto includes several pledges targeted at drivers:

  1. Green Transport Initiatives: Significant investments in green transport infrastructure, including EV charging points and subsidies for electric vehicles.
  2. Sustainable Transport Policies: Encouraging sustainable transport policies to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
  3. Public Transport Improvements: Major improvements to public transport networks, making them a more attractive alternative to driving.
  4. Traffic Reduction Schemes: Implementation of schemes to reduce traffic in urban areas, aiming to lower emissions and improve air quality.
  5. Cycling and Walking Infrastructure: Expansion of cycling and walking infrastructure to promote healthier and more sustainable travel options.
  6. EV Transition Support: Comprehensive support for the transition to electric vehicles, including grants and infrastructure development.
  7. Clean Air Initiatives: Strong focus on clean air initiatives, with measures to reduce pollution from road traffic.

Both parties emphasize the importance of transitioning to greener transport options while addressing the immediate concerns of current drivers. The Conservatives focus more on maintaining the status quo with additional investments, while the Liberal Democrats prioritize sustainability and reducing car dependency.