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Motorway – Sell my car

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We depend on our 2,300 miles of motorway to explore our home shores. But which is the best? See our verdict and have your say.

Britain’s motorway are essential, but they often come with traffic, service stations, and high petrol prices. Despite 65 years of coexistence, few of us love our big blue roads. According to the Strategic Roads User Survey, the M6 is the lowest-rated motorway with a 66% overall satisfaction rate due to “terrible tarmac” and “outdated matrix signs.” On the other hand, the M5 was praised for clear signage during roadworks.

As the holiday season approaches, we rely on these motorway for domestic travel and trips home for Christmas. So, which motorway is the best? We evaluated 10 major contenders based on functionality, food and drink, history, and mythology. Cast your vote by clicking thumbs up or down.


10. M3

  • Route: From Richmond to Southampton
  • Length: 59 miles
  • Points of Interest: Kempton Park Reservoirs, Windlesham Golf Club
  • Services: Two (Welcome Break and Moto)
  • Traffic: 218,350 vehicles per day
  • X-Factor: None
  • Total Score: 5/40

9. M8

  • Route: From Clyde to Sighthill
  • Length: 60 miles
  • Points of Interest: Sawtooth Ramps, Horn sculpture, Seven Lochs wetland park
  • Services: One (Heart of Scotland)
  • Traffic: 150,000 vehicles per day
  • X-Factor: Urban heft
  • Total Score: 12/40

8. M25

  • Route: London’s orbital
  • Length: 117 miles
  • Points of Interest: RHS Garden Wisley, Windsor Castle
  • Services: Four franchises
  • Traffic: 204,000 vehicles per day
  • X-Factor: Circular journey through suburbia
  • Total Score: 14/40

7. M5

  • Route: From Birmingham to Exeter
  • Length: 162 miles
  • Points of Interest: Brent Knoll, Willow Man sculpture
  • Services: Gloucester Services
  • Traffic: 92,000 vehicles per day
  • X-Factor: Holiday vibe
  • Total Score: 17/40

6. M1

  • Route: From London to Leeds
  • Length: 193 miles
  • Points of Interest: Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Emley Moor mast
  • Services: Newport Pagnell, Watford Gap, Leicester Forest East
  • Traffic: Busy near M6
  • X-Factor: Historic significance
  • Total Score: 18/40

5. M4

  • Route: From London to Swansea
  • Length: 189 miles
  • Points of Interest: Severn Bridge, Port Talbot steelworks
  • Services: Varied quality
  • Traffic: 130,000 vehicles per day
  • X-Factor: Urban-to-rural escape
  • Total Score: 19/40

4. M74

  • Route: Scottish extension of M6
  • Length: 85 miles
  • Points of Interest: New Lanark, Beattock Summit
  • Services: Cairn Lodge, Annandale Water
  • Traffic: Heavy freight traffic
  • X-Factor: Gateway to Scotland
  • Total Score: 20/40

3. M6

  • Route: From Rugby to Gretna
  • Length: 230 miles
  • Points of Interest: Shap Summit, Spaghetti Junction
  • Services: Forton, Tebay, Charnock Richard
  • Traffic: Awful near Birmingham
  • X-Factor: Longest motorway
  • Total Score: 24/40

2. M40

  • Route: From London to Birmingham
  • Length: 89 miles
  • Points of Interest: Chiltern Hills, Blenheim Palace
  • Services: Beaconsfield
  • Traffic: Steady but heavy
  • X-Factor: Posher route
  • Total Score: 25/40

1. M62

  • Route: From Liverpool to Hull
  • Length: 107 miles
  • Points of Interest: Stott Hall Farm, Windy Hill
  • Services: Burtonwood
  • Traffic: Busy near Manchester
  • X-Factor: Coast-to-coast route
  • Total Score: 30/40

10 More Motorway to Consider

With 56 numbered motorway in the UK, including the M6 Toll and the mile-long M898, here are some notable mentions:

  • M20: Known for its connection to Europe and holiday routes.
  • M11: Connects East London to Cambridge.
  • M90: Scotland’s oldest motorway with scenic views.
  • M53: Offers a secret route into Liverpool.
  • M54: Feels like a decompression chamber after the M6.
  • M56: Known as the airport road in the North West.
  • M60: Manchester’s ring road with glimpses of the Manchester Ship Canal.

Whether you’re looking to buy or “sell my car,” understanding these motorway can enhance your travel experience. Vote for your favorite and see which one comes out on top!