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Honk Honk Honk Honk


Sebastien Duval, a Dorset native with a track record of entrepreneurial success, has embarked on his latest venture, Honk Honk, an innovative auto marketplace designed to streamline the process of selling your old car and purchasing a new one online. This launch marks Duval’s third business endeavor, having previously established, scaled, and successfully exited two companies before hitting 40.

In September 2023, Honk Honk was introduced to the market, fueled by an initial seed funding of £560,000, of which £340,000 was contributed by Dorset Business Angels, a group dedicated to fostering connections between investors and entrepreneurs. Duval’s entrepreneurial journey began in car sales, eventually leading to the creation of AUTOi and Wizzle, both of which were sold to carwow in 2021.

Honk Honk sets itself apart by offering a full-service model that facilitates transactions between the public and dealers, managing everything from finance to home delivery. The company launched with a focus on selling cars to dealers, with plans to expand its services to facilitate dealer-to-consumer sales by January 2024.

Duval and his team of co-founders, all of whom have previously collaborated at Wizzle and AUTOi, aim to maintain a lean operation, rapidly achieve profitability, and foster a fun and inspiring work environment. With the goal of selling the company within three years, Honk Honk is committed to local recruitment and building a team that shares their vision and values.

The support from Dorset Business Angels has been instrumental in the success of Duval’s previous ventures, offering more than just financial backing. The investors provided crucial advice, guidance, and mentorship, helping the businesses navigate a competitive market and focus on key performance indicators and efficiency. The transparent and honest relationship between Duval and the investors, along with their willingness to offer support beyond capital, has been a cornerstone of their collective success.

As Honk Honk embarks on its journey to disrupt the auto marketplace, the team looks forward to leveraging the diverse expertise within their investor group to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the industry. With a solid foundation and a clear vision, Honk Honk is poised to make a significant impact on how people buy and sell cars online.

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