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These Terms were last updated on 22nd August.

HonkHonk.co.uk (the “Website”), is owned and operated by, or on behalf of, Honk Honk Group Limited (“HonkHonk”, “we” or “us”). On this Website, we provide users with access to a free online used car marketplace, where they can sell their car, along with a host of related services (collectively, “Services”).

Contacting us

If you have any questions about these Terms, you can contact us at The Chocolate Box, 2nd Floor Office, 8 - 10 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3NA or email us at [email protected].

Acceptance of the Terms

Your utilisation of our Website constitutes your agreement to adhere to and be legally bound by the subsequent terms and conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy and any other documents referenced therein (collectively referred to as the "Terms"). Should you disagree with these Terms, it is advised that you refrain from using this Website.

By supplying us with your information and thereby establishing an account, you assert that you are at least 16 years of age, a resident of the United Kingdom, and that the information provided to us is accurate, truthful, complete, and up-to-date. If you are providing information through the Website regarding a car that you do not own, or on behalf of another individual, you guarantee that you possess all necessary permissions required to furnish us with such information, as per the provisions outlined in these Terms.

Modifications to the Terms

We retain the authority to modify these Terms periodically. The revised Terms will be displayed on this Website and will take effect from the date of posting. We maintain the prerogative to revise these Terms at any juncture, and we shall issue written notification to the email address you have supplied to us if we deem the alteration to be a significant modification, within reasonable bounds. It is recommended that you routinely review this page for any updates.

Selling Your Vehicle on Our Marketplace

How the Process Functions

HonkHonk functions as the proprietor and operator of a pre-owned car marketplace, granting you the chance to list your vehicle for sale to an array of car buying partners. These buyers encompass:

  • car dealers bidding, facilitated through our expansive dealer network, for vehicles meeting criteria like make, model, age, and mileage ("Dealer Partners"); and
  • Online car buyers who provide instant offers and engage through a conventional sales approach ("Online Car Buyers").

In these stipulated Terms, Dealer Partners and Online Car Buyers are jointly referred to as "Car Buying Partners."

Upon choosing to sell your vehicle through our Website marketplace, it is important to note that your vehicle will be procured by a designated Car Buying Partner rather than HonkHonk. Consequently, the contractual arrangement pertaining to the vehicle's sale will transpire between you and the designated Car Buying Partner

It is imperative to clarify that HonkHonk does not engage in the direct acquisition of vehicles and does not assume any responsibility or title over vehicles made accessible for purchase through the Website.

Expected price for Your Vehicle

Upon completing an appraisal of your vehicle on our Website, provided that the vehicle satisfies our specified minimum qualification criteria, you can set an expected price for what you’re hoping to achieve for it.

Agreeing a price with a Dealer Partner

Once your car has been fully appraised it will be listed for sale on our website and Dealer Partners will make competing offers.

Acknowledgment of Third-Party Bids

It is recognised that the bids you receive constitute offers originating from our external Car Buying Partners and not from our organisation.

Accepting an Offer

Upon your acceptance of a offer, we will facilitate direct communication with the winning Car Buying Partner. Depending on the chosen method of the Car Buying Partner, they will either orchestrate the collection of the vehicle directly from you, or alternatively, we will enlist the assistance of one of our reliable third-party intermediaries to perform this task on their behalf.

Collection and Appraisal

Upon the scheduled day of vehicle collection, the assigned agent will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle, ensuring alignment with the specifications and condition you provided during the vehicle appraisal stage.

If the Car Buying Partner is content that the vehicle aligns with the description and condition provided to us, the purchase price should mirror the successful bid. Subsequently, the Car Buying Partner will promptly initiate the transfer of the purchase amount to your bank account.

Adjustments to Price and Potential Cancellations

In cases where the Car Buying Partner concludes that your vehicle's condition or description does not align with the details you provided to us, they have the option to take either of the following actions: (a) propose a modified purchase price, or (b) abstain from proceeding with the purchase of your vehicle. Our collaboration with Car Buying Partners aims to minimise the occurrence of such situations. However, scenarios where this might arise include, for instance: Detection of evident damage or condition disparities during the inspection, which were not accounted for in your vehicle profile. Discrepancy between the actual outstanding finance amount on your vehicle and the figure disclosed to us.

Manifestation of clear indications of fraudulent or misleading conduct on your part.

Please note that you are not obligated to accept a revised purchase price from the Car Buying Partner. Should you wish to discuss matters or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us using the contact information outlined in these Terms. If you do decide to accept a revised purchase price, the Car Buying Partner should promptly initiate the transfer of the revised purchase amount to your bank account.

Addressing Fraud and Illicit Activities

We treat cases involving fraud and illicit activities on our platform with utmost seriousness. In the event that there is reasonable suspicion of any instance of fraud, money laundering, proceeds from criminal activities, violation of company policies, or infractions against the policies of our third-party payments processing provider, your transaction could potentially be subject to freezing or cancellation by either us or the Car Buying Partner.

3rd Parties and 3rd Party Services

Car Buying Partners

When you solicit a car valuation, your particulars (including specific data gathered about you via your utilisation of the Website in accordance with our Privacy Policy) may be conveyed to the relevant Car Buying Partner who has presented the successful bid for your vehicle. You consent to the possibility of the pertinent Car Buying Partner reaching out to you to further discuss your car and establish an agreement on the purchase price, should you opt to proceed with the sale. It's important to note that all communications between you and any of our Car Buying Partners are governed by the individual terms and conditions of that respective Car Buying Partner. We assume no responsibility for any transactions, vehicle acquisitions, payments, or disputes that may arise between you and the Car Buying Partner. We abstain from making any assertions, assurances, or warranties regarding the accuracy or authenticity of the prices presented to us by our Car Buying Partners, in terms of reflecting the genuine value of your car.

Aligned with our Privacy Policy, we may:

Kindly be aware that this Website might incorporate:

Links to third-party products, services, websites (including links to websites of Car Buying Partners), or suppliers that are not affiliated with us. We exert no control over these products, services, or websites, and we do not extend any guarantees, endorsements, or take liability for them. Advertising content from third parties. We are not accountable for any deceptive or inaccurate advertisements, as the sole responsibility for such advertisements rests with the advertiser. Any links or ads displayed on this Website should not be construed as an endorsement by us. Data provided by third parties. We disavow any responsibility for inaccuracies present in this material.

User-Provided Content

By contributing content to this Website or supplying us with materials—such as images of your vehicle, documents related to you or your vehicle, or personal financial information—you confer upon us a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, and entirely transferable license to employ, reproduce, showcase, vend, modify, and alter the User Content. Furthermore, you renounce any moral rights you might hold concerning the User Content. You assert and affirm that you possess all necessary rights to grant us these privileges and that the content in question is not illegal, indecent, abusive, menacing, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable from our perspective. Any personal data provided by you through the Website, or data we gather about you during your use of our Services or the Website, will be governed by our Privacy Policy.

Ownership of Our Intellectual Property

The intellectual property rights in the Website, the information, and the content accessible on the Website, any databases managed by us, any proprietary software employed by us to facilitate your use of this Website, and the foundational source code ("HonkHonk IP") belong to us or our licensors. All rights remain reserved. We furnish you with a revocable, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable, and non-transferable license solely for utilising HonkHonk IP to the extent necessary for retrieving, displaying, and printing content pages for your personal, non-commercial utilisation of the Services and the Website. This license is granted in accordance with your adherence to these Terms.

Website Warranties

The Website (inclusive of all its content) is presented by us in an "as is" and "as available" manner. Within the confines of applicable law, we disavow all express or implied warranties, representations, or guarantees of any sort: Pertaining to the Website (including its content), encompassing aspects like quality, suitability for specific purposes (including individual requirements), compatibility, reliability, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, accessibility, or the utilisation of information furnished by any Car Buying Partner or derived from our Services. Assuring uninterrupted, continuous operation of the Website, devoid of disruptions or faults. Periodically, we might need to temporarily suspend the Website, with or without prior notice, to conduct maintenance or implement upgrades. We are not liable for any service interruption or loss incurred. While we exert reasonable efforts to ensure that our Website remains free from viruses or other malicious code, we cannot guarantee its immunity from bugs, viruses, or malicious elements. It is recommended that you secure any device you employ to access our Website with suitable anti-virus software. We disclaim liability for any harm or damage arising from viruses or technologically hazardous content that might compromise your computer equipment, software, or data due to your interaction with our Website.

We make the Website, along with any Service offerings or promotions, exclusively accessible to residents of the United Kingdom. We do not assert, guarantee, or warrant that our Services are suitable or available for utilisation by individuals outside the United Kingdom.

Exclusions on Our Liability

The transaction and contractual arrangement for the sale and acquisition of your vehicle transpire solely between you and the pertinent Car Buying Partner. As a result, we bear no responsibility towards you for any shortcomings in the delivery of services by a Car Buying Partner. It is important to note that none of the provisions in these Terms are intended to exclude or restrict our liability in cases of death or personal injury arising from our negligence, instances of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or any other liability that is not permissible to be excluded or limited under English law.


You consent to indemnify, shield, and absolve us, as well as our affiliated companies, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, or suppliers, from any and all claims or requisitions brought forth by third parties due to or resulting from: (i) your utilisation of this Website, whether as a registered user who has conducted a vehicle valuation or otherwise; (ii) your violation of these Terms; or (iii) your infringement upon any intellectual property or other rights of HonkHonk, or any other individual or entity.

Usage Limitations for Website and Services

The utilisation of our appraisal system 'tool' on our Website is strictly intended for private individuals seeking to sell a car either on their own behalf or on behalf of an entity they are legally authorised to represent. Using the appraisal tool on our Website and the resultant valuations for any business or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited.

You are prohibited from (and must not permit others to):

Our Stance Against Unlawful Usage of Our Website

Under no circumstances should you endeavour to sell a vehicle through our Website if you possess knowledge, or should have possessed knowledge, of it having significant defects, being a 'clocked' vehicle, a cloned vehicle, a stolen vehicle, or in a more general sense, the proceeds of criminal activities. Beyond our authority to block your access to the Website and/or Services, we retain the right, especially in severe instances, to take legal action against you for violating these Terms. Additionally, we reserve the right to notify law enforcement authorities if we reasonably suspect that you have contravened relevant laws.

General Provisions

Nothing in these Terms is intended to or shall diminish any rights you might be entitled to under obligatory laws, including imperative consumer protection laws. Should we not immediately insist on your compliance with any requirement outlined in these Terms, or if we choose to delay taking action against you for a breach of these Terms, such actions or omissions will not preclude us from pursuing actions against you at a later time. In the event that any provision or portion of these Terms becomes invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, it will be considered adjusted to the extent necessary to render it valid, legal, and enforceable. If such alteration is unfeasible, the relevant provision or portion thereof will be considered deleted. Such modifications or deletions will not impact the validity and enforceability of the remaining portions of these Terms. In addition to any other rights or remedies available to us, you acknowledge and agree that mere damages would be inadequate to address any violation of these Terms on your part. Hence, we are entitled to seek remedies such as injunction, specific performance, or other equitable relief for any actual or imminent breach of these Terms. As a UK-based business, we presently offer our Services exclusively in the UK. These Terms are governed by English law, encompassing non-contractual disputes or claims. You consent that disputes arising between you and us concerning these Terms will fall under the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.